Getting to the historic city of Cracow by train is the best way and an absolute pleasure to get to the city center. However, getting to Cracow by train is probably one of the most expensive choices if you buy any international train ticket, the prices are for some reason always drastically higher than purchasing separate tickets for every country you are traveling through. The quality of the trains is decent, at best.

If you still prefer trains, Polish State Railway Company (PKP) operates on the Polish railway network. Direct connections to Cracow exist from Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary (via Bratislava), Austria and Germany. Connections from Russia and Baltic countries mean changing trains in Warsaw, while coming from Southeast Europe requires changing in Budapest, Bratislava, Prague or Vienna. (Timetables are courtesy of the Polish Rail Network (PKP).

Krakow Dworzec Glowny – The main station is in walking distance of the city center. Cracow’s main railway station is located at plac Jana Nowaka-Jezioranskiego on the northeastern edge of the Old Town that handles all international and most domestic trains.

The only other station of any significance is Cracow Plaszow, 4km southeast of the city center, which operates a few trains that didn’t contact at Cracow Glowny.

Local trains between the two stations run every 15 to 30 minutes. All trains listed here depart from the central station. Advance tickets for international and domestic trains can be booked directly at the station.

The fastest trains are the InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains, which connect the city with Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Budapest.

A journey to Cracow are; 5 hour travel from Wroclaw, 7 hours from Poznan, 11 hours or more from Gdansk, 7 hours and 30 minutes from Vienna, 9 hours and 30 minutes from Prague, 8 hours and 30 minutes from Berlin, 10 hours and 30 minutes from Budapest. The express between Cracow and Warsaw is the exception with modern intercity trains taking about three hours. Backpackers will be interested to know that there are also overnight trains to and from Prague and Budapest. But you should take care on some night train routes, particularly the one in Prague, as thieves operate. (Timetables)