Although the city of Cracow is reasonably small and easy to get around on foot, there is still an extensive and economical public transport system available. The city transportation has a system of trams and buses which are frequent, convenient and inexpensive and which get to most parts of the city, with several private companies supplementing these routes with a multitude of minibus routes.

The city’s extensive tram system runs from 05:00 to 23:00 and reaches most areas of the city. There is a wide range of ticket options available, ranging from a single trip ticket, right up to a monthly pass. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or at one of the many kiosks along the tram routes. Traveling on the tram system is very affordable, although visitors and tourists should be aware that extra charges are applied for large bags, rucksacks and other bulky items.

The city also provides a reliable bus service to complement the tram system, with many routes designed to link with trams to form a cheap and efficient city wide transport system. A good ticket option for tourists is a travel card, which provides unlimited travel on public transport as well as free entry into over 30 of the city’s museums. A travel card can be purchased on arrival at the airport or at newspaper kiosks around the city, with two day travel cards also available.

One-way ticket for a public bus or a tram is 3.2 zloty is equivalent of 0.6 Euro). You can buy it at newspaper kiosks and from ticket machines at downtown stops and in some buses and tram cars. Drivers sell 60-minute tickets worth 4 Zloty. Immediately after boarding you should put the ticket yourself through the ticket puncher and keep it till you reach your destination.

A 15-minute ticket allowing for changing line costs 2 zloty, it’s 30-minutes equivalent is 3.2 zloty, an hourly one 4 zloty, and 90-minute ticket has been priced at 5.2 zloty. The prices of unlimited-travel passes for all public buses and trams have been set at 12 zloty for a 24-hour ticket, at 20 zloty for a 48-hour one, and at 30 zloty for a 72-hour passes, while a seven day unlimited travel ticket costs 40 zloty. Tickets are valid for the stated period starting with their first punching on a bus or a tram.

Although the city center is mostly pedestrians only, taxis are a still a popular way of getting around the wider city area. You will find taxi ranks dotted around the edge of the Old Town area and with over 20 fleets in operation around the city, availability is never much of a problem. Tourists planning to use taxis in the city are advised to only use licensed cars displaying a company name and telephone number to avoid being overcharged.