Walking Tours in Cracow

Although the transportation system in Cracow is convenient and comfortable, walking around the city will still prove to be the best way to get a glimpse of the city’s beautiful offerings. Add to this, unlike other tour services, a walking tour around Cracow can be experienced for FREE!

The free walking tour in Cracow happens all year round. For those who wish to explore the royal attractions in the Polish city, the walking tour takes place every 11 in the morning, while the Jewish attractions of Cracow can be explored on foot for free every 3 in the afternoon from April thru October and every 11:30 in the morning between November and March in front of the St. Mary’s Church, which is located on the market square of the city. With this free guided walking tour, you’ll get to get around Cracow guided by well-trained tour guides who speak English fluently. Of course, because the guided walking tour is free, it would be very nice to give the tour guide a tip or donation – which they sure deserve!

Now the weather in Cracow may not be that predictable but that doesn’t mean that the free walking tour would be as well. In fact, for the licensed tour guides, weather does not matter as far as providing the free walking tour is concern. So whether it’s raining or chilling with winds, so long as you show up in the meeting place on time, the walking tour will still push through.

Walking tours in Cracow, because it’s free, will be a wise thing to add in your itinerary. So enjoy this economical offer to enjoy the city!