Language School

It is making itself known as a world tourist destination, many language schools in Cracow offer Polish language courses. For those who are planning to stay a little longer in Cracow, enrolling in a language school will prove to be very useful, particularly to those who are in the city to do business or to study.

If you plan on taking lessons, these are generally available either as part of a class, or privately. Cracow is a university city, with a great academic tradition, and is filled with language schools to choose from, many of which are loaded up with foreign students during the summer months. There are great deals to be made, and prices are extremely competitive compared to the rest of Europe. Many students come to Cracow to learn languages other than Polish, as the teaching, in general, is of a high standard, the accommodation is good value, and the city itself is an excellent attraction, with plenty of things for students to do in the night.

Language Schools

Accent School of Polish – Located at 10 Kącik Street, Cracow. Accent School offers a range of Summer Courses to suit all levels. These classes are complemented with explorations of Polish culture, touching on all kinds of fun topics.

British Council – Located at Rynek Głowny 6, Cracow. Situated in the medieval Grey Mansion on the Main Market Square, The British Council, the world’s largest English language teaching organization, has a center in Cracow, where it is involved in cultural projects, teaching English and teacher training.

Gzegzolka School of Polish – ul. Sw. Tomasza 1, Cracow. A new language school uses methods by a renowned linguist and speech and language therapist from Cracow, to help pronounce those tricky Polish vowels.

Jagiellonian University School of Polish Language and Culture – Located at Garbarska 7A, Cracow. The Jagiellonian University School of Polish Language and Culture, part of the Center for Polish Language and Culture in the World within the Faculty of Polish Studies, organizes short-term individual courses, two week intensive courses, one or two semester non-intensive courses, and “Semester Abroad” as well as summer programs.

Maly Rynek – Maly Rynek 3, Cracow. This language school on the charming Little Square offers an excellent variety of courses including one-to-one and group lessons. There are plenty of languages to choose from: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Polish.

Prolog – Located at Bronowicka 37 Street, Cracow. It is one of the very best language schools in Cracow, Prolog enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the quality of its teachers and teaching materials, some of which they have developed themselves in line with EU funding.

The International School of Cracow – Located at Lusina, Street sw. Floriana 57, Cracow. The International School of Krakow (ISK) is a non-profit private school which provides education to expatriates and Polish nationals.

Varia Polish Language Center – Michalowskiego 2/3 Street, Cracow.  Varia Polish Language Center is anything but a traditional school – focusing on motivating students to success that grows and keeps on growing.