Take a weekend in Cracow, the charming ex-capital of Poland. This charming city has one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe and plenty of hidden gems to discover too. The Cracow attractions are really great.  So, take your time in this wonderful city as great as it’s possible.

A weekend in Cracow combines the best of everything – for the serious tour in the Wieliczka salt mine is a must-see (also a UNESCO protected site and absolutely stunning). If you have the time Cracow is just an hour from the Holocaust and Martyrdrom museum of Auschwitz – a very moving but extremely worthwhile experience.

The ancient Polish city of Cracow, founded over a thousand years ago, is considered the jewel of Poland. It’s a beautiful city, considered one of the best preserved medieval centers in all Europe, and symbolizes Poland’s rich history and glorious past.

The City of Cracow is also loads of historic buildings, beautiful churches and monuments, from Wawel Castle to the Basilica of the Virgin Mary. Archaeological findings provide evidence that Wawel Hill was settled as far back as the early Stone Age. The current complex of majestic Renaissance castle and cathedral sitting on top of Wawel Hill stands for one of the most important and most beautiful places in Poland. On the other hand you can view the dragon’s bones in the dungeons of the castle and sit by the river watching the fire breathing dragon sculpture for a while.

If even that seems too energetic for you the wonderful Grand Square is a great place to relax with a beer and a plate of Pierogi and watch the people pass by.

One of your days in Cracow, you can visit the Kazimierz, the centuries Old Jewish Quarter of Cracow. Kaziemierz is a very lively area of Cracow, full of art galleries, kosher restaurants and regular cultural events, such as Klezmer music concerts and the famous Jewish Summer Festival.

Cracow is a perfect combination of a fun, friendly city and a low cost destination. Everywhere is within easy walking distance or accessible through regular trams and buses. Unlike many Eastern European destinations Cracow is a pleasure for vegetarians and the food is cheap, generously portioned and very good.

Other places you can visit include the Barbakan defensive fort, the Mariacki Church, St. Florian’s Gate and the beautiful Planty Park that surrounds the Old Town of Cracow.