Summer in Cracow

Most cities in the world vibrate with energy and zeal every summer. Cracow is no different as it showcases a wide range of activities during this season that will surely appeal to locals and travelers alike. As the days in the city come with beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky, Cracow becomes an excellent place for great photographic opportunities. You can take a wonderful snap of the city’s old town, including its municipal landmarks, residential buildings, and religious structures. Although visiting the city during summer would mean having to deal with larger crowds, this is something that you can add to your Cracow summer experience.

Summers in Cracow happens from June thru August. During this time, you are free to pack comfortable clothes (although it would still be good to pack some sweaters and jackets for the mornings) as well as shoes.


There are a wide range of events and festivals to look forward to every summer in Cracow. Every June, the famous events that take place in the city are the Bread Festival and the International Festival of Jewish Culture. Aside from the two, Krakow City Festival and the Wianki, which is a famous summer festival in the country, also take place.

July is equally exciting in Cracow because during this month, the Summer Jazz Festival happens. The International Street Theater Festival and the Crossroads Festival of Folk Music also take place during this month too. In August, tourists can also look forward to participating in the Pierogi Festival and the Folk Art Fair. For history buffs, the Music of Old Krakow Festival, which reminisce the cultural history of city, also happens during this month.

Summer in Cracow will sure be a perfect time to keep yourself busy with activities in this beautiful Polish city.