Short Stay

A short stay in Cracow is definitely not a burden to one’s fun and excitement. Even just for a day or two, you can still manage to have a decent fun-filled time with your family or your friends. The main key here is to win against the time and maximize the time you have in the city to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

For years now Cracow has been one of the most popular destinations to visit for a short stay. One reason so many tourists head to Cracow each year is that it has one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Dozens of churches that span almost every architectural period are scattered throughout the city streets and surrounded by monasteries and abbeys.

With a variety of things to do and places to see, Cracow city is popular all year round and hardly a month passes in Cracow without some occasion for common festivals or colorful celebration. If you decide to go on your short stay in winter, then you cannot miss one of the most popular Christmas Markets in Europe, with its 100 Santa Clauses parade and carol procession. With the magical scenery of Cracow covered in snow, traditional Polish food and drinks and Christmas atmosphere, you will never forget your stay in Cracow.