Cracow is a place of various tourist attractions and numerous remarkable historic landmarks. In order to grasp the full experience of the city and understand its unique environment, it is best to stay in Cracow for at least a few days. Therefore you should plan the visit carefully and choose the most ideal option of accommodation.

Cracow has to offer a varied range of accommodation suited for the needs and alternatives of all the visitors and tourists. Tourists visiting the city can choose from a number of apartments, hotels, and budget hostels. Cracow offers accommodation that is located in the Old Town, in districts that have a good connection to the city center, close to the airport, in the suburbs or outside the city.

The bulk of Cracow’s accommodation is in the center, with all the major international hotels showed, as well as all manner of local hotels, hostels, apartments, with something historic and modern. Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for is all in Cracow.

For those who look for high class and comfort, Cracow has in store high standard apartments in or nearby the city center, mostly located in cozy historic tenement houses of the Old Town.

Often times the accommodation includes air conditioning, private car parks, and twenty-four hour security service. The immediate proximity of the Old Town assures a memorable stay in the lovely city of Cracow, where you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the city not only at the time of sightseeing and tours, but also after heading off to your apartment.

Cracow is also rich in several budget hostels which offer cheaper accommodation for singles, families and groups. When choosing an option of this type, you can still enjoy the unique climate of Cracow and save on accommodation. You can also stay in various youth hostels and private guest rooms located in and outside the city. Another option of cheap accommodation is some of Cracow’s student dormitories which wait for the visitors during the summer and offer a real value for money.