Explore Cracow

Exploring Cracow, you will discover the historic European cities and you may definitely admire the architecture of Cracow.

Cracow is one of the largest cities in Poland with a population of over 760,000 thousand Cracovians. The city is located on the banks of the beautiful Vistula River in the south of Poland. Although the city is no longer the official capital, it is still known as Poland’s royal capital.

Cracow may not be the first place that comes to mind at the mention of the words European vacation. However, it is a place full of rich history and beauty that may attract tourists to come back.

Cracow’s rich cultural heritage, architecture and museums, combined with its variety of bars, restaurants, clubs and cafes, which are a perfect setting for a tourists in search of entertainment.

From shopping to touring, Cracow has a wide range of daytime activities. But be prepared to make plans ahead if you visit in the summer. The large tourist crowds can mean long lines and frenzied nerves waiting at the top attractions. You may simply hang out in the Market Square and exploring its surrounding areas. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to get your rest; the city has a pulsing nightlife.

But do not neglect the opportunities to enjoy sports activities; whether it´s white water rafting or paintballing, or something a little calmer, like cycling or hiking in one of the many beautiful national parks that surround Cracow.

As a tourist to Cracow, possibilities are that most of your time will be spent visiting the wealth of historic monuments and landmarks in the city, however, spend a little more time, dig a little deeper and you will find a further charm to Cracow to be found off the beaten track, and an abundance of facilities to make life in Cracow entertaining and exciting.