When to Visit Cracow ?

The best time to visit Cracow has to be the spring and fall. The only town which survived the damages of World War I and II and has still preserved its medieval architecture, which is best, viewed in the summer season. It is an ideal city for history fans and people interested in art, theater and culture.

Tourists arrive in great numbers all year-round; the peak season to visit Cracow is between June and September. In terms of weather, May and September are probably the most pleasant months to visit the city, but Cracow has something to offer for each season.

Spring and autumn may be a bit more windy season, spring is usually more sunny than autumn. However the end of September and October is called “golden autumn” which means this is the period when the leaves begin to change their color before falling down which makes a beautiful scenery in the parks, green areas and forest around the city.

The peak season for tourists in Cracow is in the middle of the summer season. It could get humid at this time. This also means you would end paying high prices for accommodation and airfares. However the best time to visit Cracow is spring and autumn as you can expect lower prices and pleasant temperature. Just as winter is a good time to go if you want to go skiing as the Tatra Mountain peaks that are covered with snow. Cultural events are held all through the year in Cracow.

Cracovians love any chance for a celebration and no matter when you come to the city, you are almost sure to fall upon some kind of cultural festival of music, theater, film, or dance. There is no place for dullness in Cracow. It is an extraordinary, magical place, and definitely to enchant everyone.