Famous People from Cracow

Krakow is not just the place for breathtaking attractions, it is also the place of birth of some of the world’s famous personalities. Here are some of them:

Nicolas Copernicus

One of the immortals of Science and probably among the most famous Polish, Nicolas Copernicus is a man of science in all sense. He is an astronomer, a mathematician, economist, strategist, lawyer, astrologist, and more! He changed the world when he said that the sun is the center of the solar system and not the earth as earlier taught by the church. A monument of Copernicus erects at the  Collegium Witkowskiego of the Jagiellonian University.

Bartolomeo Berrecci

This architect and sculptor was born in Florence, Italy but spent most of hist life in Cracow. His most famous work is the Renaissance Tomb Chapel of King Sigismund the Old in Wawel Cathedral. He died in Krakow when a fellow Italian stabbed him. He was buried in the Kazimierz district.

John Paull II

The first Polish Pope (and the most loved for that matter), Pope John Paul II was also an actor, teacher, and playwright. He was born Karol Wojtyła and spent most of his growing life in the city.

Helena Kowalska

More popularly known as Saint Sister Faustina, Helena Kowalska was a Roman Catholic Order of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy nun. She was a mystic and an advocate of the Divine Mercy veneration. It was because of her that the Divine Mercy Sunday was established.

Helena Rubinstein

In the field of beauty and cosmetics, Helena Rubinstein’s name would probably be on the list of the richest women in world history. She is the brain behind the world’s first waterproof mascara and UV filter cream. When she died, her estimated assets was a whooping USD 100 million.