City Guide

Cracow, Poland’s ancient royal capital is one of the great survivors of this part of Europe. And much like the embattled old countess, who handled to come through the war and the Soviet era, it is a proud city. Conservative in some ways and with an eye towards tradition, Cracow also has an eccentric ability that can be enchanting.

You can be found one of the important factors in the cities magic. It is the kind of place where every day you might fall across something that you have not noticed before – a little baroque church, a hidden courtyard, or perhaps just one of the variety gargoyles and statues that peer down from the city’s houses.

Cracow is a treasure chest, and a great advantage that it can be mostly explored by foot. There is no need to launch you into a world of underground trains or buses.

In the medieval center of Cracow, you can visit the buildings regarded as having the highest class of historical and architectural values. The old town’s wall, the Barbican, was taken off in the 19th century and the green belt was replaced. The Royal Castle, located on Wawel Hill is where Poland’s Kings resided until 1609. In the portion of the walls of the old town, the Barbican you will find the Florian Gate. We’re students of Fine Arts and local artists sell their works.

In the Main Square (Glowny Rynek) is the famous St. Mary’s Church (Kosciol Mariacki), the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), the Town Hall Tower, and Jagiellonian University with the Collegium Maius.

This is a city of many fine churches, such as the Church of St. Catherine with the Augustine convent, and the church and hermitage of the Camaldolese (Kameduli) monks in Bielany. Near the Jagiellonian University is the baroque St. Anne’s Church, and a little further away is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul with statues of the Apostles on the fence.

There are also a number of places that are also well worth exploring. The salt-mines of Wieliczka and the lush valleys that surround Ojcow are both within easy striking distance.

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