Cracow, Poland

Cracow is one of the jewels of Poland. Cracow is a city and capital of Małopolskie województwo, southern Poland, lying on both sides of the upper Vistula River. One of the largest cities in Poland, it is known mainly for its grand historic architecture and cultural leadership; UNESCO designated its old town area a World Heritage site in 1978.

Cracow, Poland’s stunning second city, is a captivating place both to travel to and live in. With Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004, there has been a slow but constant increase in people from other countries and visitors as well looking for something truly unique in the city. Cracow has been attracting increasing numbers of tourists, lured by its colorful past, which is associated with Poland’s national heroes. Cracow is the most famous and certainly the most beautiful city in Poland. It is among those rare cities of Europe where the medieval town is still the essential center of the modern metropolis.

Cracow is a colossus of art and architecture, and its Old Town has been placed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s – UNESCO – list of protected World Historic Sites. But Cracow is also a modern city, the third largest in Poland.

As a world-renowned college town, it has a lot of lifestyle and taste. Of course, tourists arriving in Cracow Poland for the first time will want to explore the many legendary attractions this ancient capital has to offer.  Cracow is Poland’s richest city in terms of the number of its historic sites and monuments and at the same time it is one of the most beautiful and charming cities of Central Europe.

Top attraction and the leading tourist destination in Poland Cracow is a vibrant city, proud of its long and glorious history, rich heritage, and architectural beauties. For many centuries the capital of the Polish kingdom, presently it remains the southern Poland’s metropolis and the seat of the Malopolska provincial government. Important as a crucial center of business, culture, and education, Cracow is also popular for its variety restaurants and nightlife.

Some tourists are looking for motivation here while others are coming for a comfort. When you look around, you will soon realize why Cracow is attracting with its magic. To find the soul of Poland, you must seek it in Cracow. Poland’s soul is carved into almost every stone of its old capital. This atmosphere can be felt in each of the city’s most visited sites.