Cracow is home to one of nation’s most active theater scenes and some of the oldest ongoing performing arts companies. It is considered to be the second largest center for Polish theater behind Warsaw. It is home to both acclaimed productions by companies such as the National Stary Theater, and the emerging companies supporting new generation of local artists.

Bagatela Theater – Located at Karmelicka 6, Cracow. The Bagatela Theater is one of Cracow´s most endearing. Bagatela was originally meant for children and although today it stages plays for adults as well, it has maintained its traditions of staging plays with a lighthearted touch. Today it mostly stages musicals, comedies and other light pieces designed for family entertainment.

Groteska Theater – Located at Skarbowa 2, Cracow. It is a very popular theater that also performs in the square in the summer. It has a direct appeal to children, and it favors color and image over language. Using fantastical costumes, masks, color, image and music, the Groteska theater stages outside performances every summer and because they are minimalist in speech they are most appealing to children, but are equally accessible to tourists.

Slowacki Theater – Located at Sw. Ducha 1, Cracow. The Slowacki Theater is another of Cracow´s most renowned theaters which can boast a proud history of staging some of the finest plays in the city and attracting the top names in Polish thespian circles.

Stary Theater – Located at Jagiellońska 5, Cracow. The oldest theater in Poland remodeled many times, now with a splendid, boasting a spectacular art nouveau facade. It performs classics in Polish and European theater. The Stary Theater has a solid reputation of staging excellent productions and with a small museum in the basement that most appeal to theater lovers.  Some of the country´s most talented directors and actors have made their mark in this theater over the years and it has maintained its major role as one of the most prestigious theaters in Eastern Europe.

Stu Theater – Located at Krasinskiego 16, Cracow. Situated on the grandiose Krasinskiego Avenue, the STU Theater is relatively new to Cracow considering it’s most prestigious and established peers. From its starting days, the STU has captivated audiences with a wide variation of artistic offerings and quickly established a glowing reputation. Those traditions or reputation has never faulted and it continues to attract theater guests who will find a various program of live performance entertainment to enjoy, such as visual arts, dancers, musicians, photography and publishing. On occasion the STU even hosts open air performances.