Cracow Universities

Branded as the “City of Colors”, studying in Cracow also promises a colorful experience – thanks to its varied universities that provide students with a wide array of choices, depending on their preferred specialization. Here are some of the best universities in the Polish city:

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Plac Matejki 13, 31-157 Kraków


The best place for arts enthusiasts, this university is a public university with programs specializing in fine arts, design and conservation. Founded in 1818, the university caters to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students.

AGH University of Science and Technology

A. Mickiewicza Av. 30

30-059 Kraków


The oldest and biggest technical university in Poland, AGH University of Science and Technology is where one should enrol if his/her interest is anything about science: Earth science, technical physics, mathematics, management, and more! Its mission to offer ” up-to-date education of engineers who specialise in many branches of technology” is manifested with its 29 courses and over 170 specialisations. With 20 student hostels, this university has infrastructures for 9000 students.

University School of Physical Education, Krakow, Poland

Al. Jana Pawła II 78

31-571 Krakow


This university is geared towards providing education of Physical Education teachers in the country. A fully independent institution, this university offers courses for undergraduates in the following fields:  Physical Education, Physical Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy, Tourism Studies, and Recreation Studies.

Pedagogical University of Cracow

Podchorążych St. 2

30-084 Krakow


Founded on May 11, 1946, this university has its name after the National Education Commission ((Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie). The university was initially built to train teachers in the primary school, then later on expanded to offer courses for undergraduate students, particularly those who want to pursue a teaching profession.

These are just four of the major universities in Cracow. Explore the city and get to know more educational institutions therein.