If you love to shop, then Cracow offers the tourists a huge choice of opportunities from small shops in the Main Square to large shopping centers.

Cracow’s Boutiques and Small Shops

If you are not particularly fond of big shopping centers and would rather do shopping in small and cozy boutiques, Cracow can fulfill your needs as well. You can make a shopping tour walking along the streets of the Old Town admiring its fine architecture on the way. There are a few lively shopping streets which should not be missed:

Florianska                         –Stradomska                      –Grodzk                                                –Karmelicka

Szewska                             -Dluga

They are plentiful with elegant boutiques with fine clothes and jewelry, high quality shoes and leather goods of well known Italian brands, tempting you to stop by and shop.

Cracow’s Shopping Centers

There are a few large shopping centers with a wide range of shops where customers can find.

Bonarka – Located at 11 Kamienskiego Street, Cracow. It is the largest mall in the country. Boasting 234,000 square meters of floor space, the Bonarka is home to over 270 stores packed into its modernist and stylish interior complete with tall glass windows and bright wooden arches. With a number of brand names and familiar fashion labels there is something for everyone at the Bonarka City Shopping Center.

Galeria Kazimierz – Located at Podgorska 34, Kazimierz, Cracow. Boasting a surface area of 38,150 square meters, the stylish Galeria Kazimierz guarantees to meet all your needs. Galeria Kazimierz is a perfect place to spend time shopping, entertainment, meeting in cafes and restaurants. This is one of a kind combination of old and new architecture, modern yet charming shopping mall has more character and atmosphere than most as it was built to blend into the renovated old houses that surround it giving a unique and distinctive design.

Galeria Krakowska – Located at Pawia 5, Cracow. The Galeria Krakowska is regarded as Cracow´s premier shopping complex. Shoppers looking for it all come to Krakowska in droves. Whether visiting or living in Cracow, everyone seems to make their way here at some point. Situated adjacent to the main train station in Old Town, the huge state of the art shopping haven boasts no less than 270 stores offering a wide variety of high street and designer fashion items, souvenirs, handicrafts and electronic gadgets.

M1 Shopping Center – Located at Aleja Pokoju 67, Cracow. With just 42,000 square meters and around 90 shops, M1 is relatively small to its illustrious mega-space competitors, but this accessible shopping center has the advantage for attracting shoppers looking for specific items at specialist stores.