When walking through the streets of Cracow, you will find good restaurants and food places of good quality throughout the city. The restaurants offer a wide range of foreign tastes, unique dishes and special décor that totally give you the possibility of getting into the spirit of the place’s country of origin. Tourists can choose from restaurants specializing in Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese Greek, Turkish, Indian, Jewish cuisine and many more.

Ariel – Located at Szeroka 18, Kazimierz, Cracow. Ariel is a popular Jewish restaurant. The food is not kosher, but it is a traditional European Jewish cuisine. Most of the famous favorites are available, from Pierogis, Dumplings, to Borscht, Cold Beet Soup.

Balaton – Located at ul Grodzka 37, Cracow. Balaton is one of the oldest restaurants on Grodzka Street and it has been functioning on the Royal Route since 1969. Balaton has moderately priced food in a setting that is pleasant, but not overwhelming. Most items could be classified as traditionally Polish or European, with a reasonable amount of variety of vegan, vegetarian and health conscious lifestyles.

Cherubino – Located at 15 Sw. Tomasza Street, Cracow. The restaurant is situated in a charming Alley of Doubting Thomas only a few steps from the Market Square. It tempts not only with excellent Italian cuisine, but with the Polish one too, for which native Poles are longing as well. Both cuisines are equally well prepared and delicious.

Corleone – Located at Poselska 19, Cracow. Corleone offers great Italian food inspired from the Sicilian town. In this elegant yet cozily location, a wealth of delicious food is for the picking under the watchful gaze of Italy’s movie stars whose photos lining the walls. The menu is always adjusted to the seasons. The interior is lit with many candles and decorated with antiques.

Nostalgia – Located at Karmelicka 10, Cracow. Nostalgia was created out of nostalgia for good Polish food. This fabulous little restaurant in Cracow serves excellent Polish food in a quite reasonable price in an intimate environment.



Pod Aniolami – Located at Ulica Grodzka 35, Cracow. A pretty Shop front glass window attracts passersby down into this cellar restaurant. It offers tasty Polish food, cooked on a fascinating grill. The kitchen is notably famous for its pickled meat grilled on the stove fire with beech wood. A beautiful restaurant decorated with traditional folksy knick knacks, and it is also very popular.


Wentzl – Located at Rynek Glowny 19, Cracow. Is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Cracow. It is located on the second floor with a view of The Main Square and The Mariacki Church, which is really breathtaking. The food is excellent, and the service is of a predictably high standard.