You have spent the day wandering the city of Cracow, taking pictures of historical monuments and have tried some of Cracow’s cuisine, so what do you do when the sun is set and night has settled? Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the nightlife that can be found throughout the city. There are so many clubs around Cracow to party at night.

Baccarat Club – Located at Stolarska 13, Cracow. Baccarat is for those of who prefer the quality things in life. A lot of money has been invested on making this arguably the most stylish and extravagant music club in Cracow. Not only disco balls to imply the classic dance theme, but exquisite chandeliers and high end furniture and décor too.

Cień Club – Located at Sw. Jana 15, Cracow. One of Cracow’s best regarded clubs for several years running, and unlike most cubs of its kind, its novelty has yet to fade; it is by far one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists. You might feel slightly dirty after an evening in Cien’s medieval cellars, but the short skirts, inexpensive drinks and commercial dance music keep luring travelers back. It is regarded as the hottest venue in Cracow, it has a strict door policy so put your glad cloths on and try to look sober.

Coco Music Club – Located at Szpitalna 38, Cracow. Coco is a big music club with big popularity. Fridays are Sexy Friday which is all about pop music, and Saturdays are Sexy Saturday, while Wednesday is Brilliant Chocolate which features all kinds of Hip-Hop and RNB. When the music is more exciting and challenging early on, the sexy crowd sometimes seems at a loss; however this popular student club really takes flight after midnight, with a heady mix of locals and foreigners mingling on the dance floor and around the cubicles until early morning.

Gold Club – Located at Ksiecia Jozefa 71, Cracow. Gold Club is what makes Poland famous for strip clubs, as the clientele comfort is always the first priority. If you are looking to watch scantily clad ladies spin around poles, you have come to the right place.

Pozytywka– Located at Bozego Ciala 12, Cracow. Pozytywka is a very sleek, moderate, modern club for people who have tired of bohemian lifestyles and the oddities to be found in their clubs. However, the music does tend to be housed, rave type music, in contrast to standard pop that many people seem to crave.



Shakers– Located at Szewska 5, Cracow. Shakers Club has an ever evolving vibe, a classic Cracovian cocktail club. The deep purple paint and sensuous, velvety furnishings indicate a comfortable, soothing lounge in which you can cuddle up with friends and lovers for a drink and a chat on the first floor.