The most defining part of Cracow’s nightlife is the amount of choice when it comes to picking a bar for a drink. From stylish cocktail lounges cellar student bars, Cracow bars have a lot to choose from.

Alchemia – Located at Estery 5, Kazimierz, Cracow. Alchemia brings a more bohemian crowd, and is always loaded. If you want to meet people who actually reside in Cracow this would be an excellent option. It also a best place option for regular live music and theater events, and regular photographic exhibitions.

Baroque – Located at Sw. Jana 16, Cracow. Baroque is a distinct, modern space that mixes the new with the old. Seductively attractive, its range of cocktails is consistently among the best in the city. This spot specializes in fantastic Mediterranean fare to go with the many choices of liquor. There are more than 200 different cocktails are offered on the menu.

Budda Drink & Garden – Located at Rynek Glowny 6, Cracow. To get the most out of Budda you need to visit in summer when adjacent courtyard gardens transform into an al fresco dance arena. Budda Drink & Garden is one of those hip bars that just make you feel sexier. The entrance serves a beautiful patio, complete with comfortable seating, a bar, and a view of Cracow.

CK Browar – Located at Podwale 6, Cracow.  Being on top of Cracow’s only microbrewery, serving rather tasty Light, Ginger, Dunkel and Weizen ales. CK Browar is the Royal Emperor’s Brewery as showed by the Habsburg House seal on the front entrance and other insignias throughout the space (CK stands for Austro-Hungarian in polish).

Irish Mbassy Sports Bar – Located at Stolarska 3, Cracow. Irish MBassy is a popular place for weekenders and expats who love to watch sports. Numerous TV screens beam down live sports over three stories of the original brick and Gothic details, punctuated by sponsorship Signage, sports and Irish collectibles.

Pauza – Located at Florianska 18, Cracow. Pauza would be under the description of ‘alternative’. The art work is modern and unique and the clientele are the same. One of the trendiest drinking dens in the Old Town. Despite of a terrible queue for the toilet and typically trendy house music, this is one of the best hangouts spots in the Old Town.

Singer – Located at Estery 20, Jewish Quarter, Cracow. One of the oldest bars in Kazimierz, this dimly lit den boasts tables made from old Singer sewing machines. One of the smokier, but more atmospheric of Cracow nightspots.