Cracow is one of the country’s oldest cities and the cultural capital of Poland. It has unique atmosphere as well as a thriving and immersing night life and can offer many various entertainment options.

Nightlife in Cracow comes with a reputation that comes before it, and rightly so. Cracow is without doubt one of the party capitals in Europe and the city attracts many tourists from Poland and abroad, purely for the nightlife and partying scene.

There is no doubt that Cracow is famous for its amazing nightlife and many students take advantage of these pleasures. The combination of a large student population and an increasing number of tourist visitors means that the nightlife scene in Cracow has heated up significantly over the last few years. In summer clubs and discos are filled with many tourists who spend a lot of money on expensive drinks, entrance fees and many other things but as they say its money’s worth.

So think about a medieval old town adored with traditional architecture and its narrow streets. Now it is packed the narrow streets with hundreds of light up bars and nightclubs, underground taverns and drinking dens and you are starting to build a picture of the Cracow nightlife scene. In fact according to urban myth, the Cracow old town has the highest density of bars and nightclubs in the world.

Therefore, there is no shortage of places to drink, eat, and stay late into the night in Cracow. Especially, the huge central Grand Square in the heart of the historic Old Town district and its environments looks like they never sleep; at least most of the year saves winter. And recently trendy new hangouts are launched also in the nearby Kazimierz quarter almost by the week. The differences between restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs tend to blur a bit, especially later in the evening when cozy cellar bars become party zones complete with flourishing dance music and sweaty dance floors.