Music in Cracow

Cracow’s Old Town historic area resounds with music of every kind as street musicians strive for your attention and spare change at every corner. More demanding audiences may choose between regular concerts and recitals of classical music and diverse musical offerings of numerous clubs. There is also no lack of shops selling CDs in downtown Cracow where the latest releases of the world’s top acts are available as soon as they are released in Paris or Berlin.

Radio stations mostly fill the local radio with recent international hits and their domestic counterparts, though a few specialize in jazz or classical music. The Old Town’s huge central Grand Square often serves as an open-air concert venue when some ensemble; usually a pop band takes up the makeshift stage of the Town Hall Tower.

Mr. Krzysztof Penderecki is the one who ranks among the world’s greatest living composers of modern classical music. On the other hand, the latest works are rarely performed in Cracow, and even renderings of the 20th-century classics happen rather seldom as the well-known 19th-century and earlier music is the king in the city’s concert halls.

The latter often takes inspiration from the musical traditions of various peoples in the Central-East Europe. Yet it has little bearing on the city’s vibrant club scene divided between varied DJ sets, alternative pop and indie rock, hip-hop, blues, reggae, traditional rock and mainstream jazz popular with club operators.

However, Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra plays regularly in its Filharmonia concert hall at 1 Zwierzyniecka street were also most foreign orchestras, ensembles and soloists perform on their visits to the city as well as the city’s other musicians. The hall also resounds occasionally with pop music.

For decades, the Cracow Opera Company had to make use of the tremendous stage and lavish auditorium of the Teatr Slowackiego Theater at Sw. Ducha Pl. which often provides shelter to varied musical events. Since December 2008 the brand-new, purpose-built opera house at Lubicz Street has become the city’s main venue for operatic productions as well as operetta shows and ballet performances.