Cracow has a variety of museums.

University Museum – Located at Jagielonska 15, Cracow. Jagiellonian University is the second oldest university in central Europe in 1364. Its stunning courtyard ranks as one of the most beautiful of the city. The Museum of the Jagiellonian University in the Collegium Maius shows upstairs its splendid historic rooms with original furnishings, good collection of the old European art, science instruments, and different collectibles.

National Museum – Located at 3 Maja 1, Cracow. The National Museum is established in 1879. National Museum in Cracow is Poland’s biggest museum. The museum can feature 10 branches, 11 galleries, 21 departments, two libraries, and 12 conservation workshops. Its various collections total about 780,000 items – from art to handicrafts to historical costumes to rare books to manuscripts to old coins and weapons – libraries and deposits inclusive.

Manggha Japanese Center – Located at M. Konopnickiej 26, Cracow. Manggha Center of Japanese Art and Technology has a prime location on the bank of the Vistula River, opposite the Wawel Hill. It houses the museum of Japanese art consisting valuable collection of Feliks Jasienski as well as many temporary exhibitions of Japanese art, culture and technology featuring battle suits, antiques, porcelain, incredibly beautiful watercolor paintings and comical wood prints. It is also a venue for lectures, Japanese language and creative programs, arts and crafts classes for children

Pharmacy Museum – Located at Florianska 25, Cracow. Established in 1946 and part of the Jagiellonian University, the Pharmacy Museum is one of the few museums of that kind in the world. Located inside a wonderful 15th century building, Cracow’s amazing Pharmacy Museum is set out on several floors and includes all manner of exhibits from full-scale reproductions of ancient Apothecary shops to some beastly snakes in jars and, on the top floor, a really good display of traditional herbal medicines. The museum also houses a library preserving old herbals, Antidotaria, pharmacopoeias and other old prints about the history of the art of preparing drugs.

History Museum – Located at Rynek Glowny 35, Cracow. It was established in 1899. The Museum gathers objects of material culture, political and economic history, art and the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Cracow from the earliest times up to the present.  The History Museum features of History of Cracow and its citizens, the maps, documents and city stamps, portraits, scepters and rings of Lord Mayors, Guild utensils and the collection of famous Cracow Christmas cribs.

Museum of Jewish History – Located at Szeroka 24, Kazimierz, Cracow. This is the oldest synagogue to have survived in Poland. Within the Old Synagogue, this is itself a very evocative building. The museum contains a number of exhibits that introduce the Tradition and Culture of Polish Jews that features ancient items from Cracow synagogues, exhibits pertaining to religious rites and family traditions, and pictures of the life of the Kazimierz Jewish quarter of the old.