Cracow for Free

Although Cracow is not among the priciest European cities, Cracowians always love to save when they can because many of the tourist attractions in Cracow are can be visited for free. So, put on your most comfortable shoes and head out the door because you do not need to spend your “zlotys” to see the best of Cracow.

Taking a stroll around Cracow’s biggest medieval city square, a place surrounded by historic buildings and architecture is one thing to get yourself for free fun. Rynek Glowny’s have main landmarks such as St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Adalbert’s Church (one of Poland’s oldest stone churches), and the old Cloth Hall.  This old hall, formerly the city’s center of international trade, is filled with interesting small shops and vendors. The old town is extensive and wonderful to walk around. Its focal point is the wide open Rynek Glowny (Market Place) in the center. On the outskirts you can find the remains of the old city wall, including Florian Gate and the Barbakan. The Barbakan is a huge circular defensive position in front of Florian gate, meant to be the biggest of its kind when built in the 15th century. Having your own walking tour by seeing the attractions that cannot cost you is which will be worth of your stroll.

Many festivals and open-air concerts held in Cracow do not have admission fees, particularly if you are in the city on a summer where several outdoor events and activities are given for everyone to enjoy. There are some museums also who are free of admission that depends on a day.

Visiting Cracow is a fulfilling experience and it sets you off to a whole new adventure. It’s one of the oldest cities in Poland and you will find historical churches all around the city while walking along its cobblestoned streets. You would truly feel like you are in a different place because everything around you is refreshing to your senses.

Cracow is indeed a living museum. They were able to magnificently preserve this old city so that people like you and me could still enjoy the beauty of ancient architecture. You can walk down its street, take photos and enjoy your vacation or trip because the beauty of Cracow won’t cost you a thing.