Real Estate

Cracow is the second most important real estate market in Poland after Warsaw, and the most attractive city to live in. Cracow is one of the most wonderful cities in Central Europe. With the wave of restoration that’s now sweeping through the city, one could argue that things have not looked this good for generations. Even though prices have already shot through the roof in cities like Prague, Cracow still offers amazing bargains for those who have fallen in love with the city.

Cracow is at a fascinating moment of transition. In this respect, prices will certainly increase drastically during the next few years, which make now a key time for buyers.

Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein are free to buy and own any real estate in Poland except if you might be after farmland or forest, things are a little more complicated. Other aliens can buy residential property, with the intent to take up residence in the country and they should make a commit that it will be their fixed abode and they do not own other home in Poland. All foreigners may also acquire any property. Otherwise acquisition of real estate by an alien requires authorization from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, easily obtainable in most cases. It applies to individuals as well as companies whenever foreigners hold the controlling interest. Furthermore, non-EU aliens need similar permission to take over 50% share or more of an enterprise having real estate among its assets.

List of some Estate Agents:

Ashville Krakow Property Management – Located at Czysta 14/6, Cracow.

Elite Properties Agency – Located at Bracka 4, Cracow.

Firma Projekt – Located at Morawskiego 5, Cracow.

FK Nieruchomosci – Located at Aleja Grottgera 2, Cracow.

Hamilton May – Located at Cybulskiego 2, Cracow.

Leach & Lang Property Consultants – Located at Slawkowska 6, Cracow.

Nieruchomosci Dutkiewicz – Located at Szlak 50/118, Cracow.