Finding a new place to live is never easy, but when it becomes an international search, it can become much more difficult. Cracow, however, has a wide range of available properties, from historic apartments to new builds to detached houses with gardens. So, moving in Cracow is not that difficult at all.

There are some expats, moving to Cracow means priming for a poor, post-communist state still prone to the presence of wild animals: for others, it means migrating to Europe’s best-kept secret.

Expats moving to Cracow these days will find a country on the verge of prosperity. As the only EU nation to avoid recession, foreign capital is pouring in and investment banks are looking to set up shop.

For the expat seeking adventure, sport and the drama of an unspoiled, wild landscape Poland has the magnificent Tatras which are the highest range of the Carpathian Mountain’s which lie to the South of the country, offering wonderful skiing, climbing and hiking. Then there is the wilderness of the Bialowieza National Park and the beautiful Malsurian Lakes and ancient forests in the north.

For expat looking for the cultural side of this great country that is Poland will be swept away by the spectacular architecture to be seen in the country’s royal capital Cracow and dotted throughout the country.

Expats moving to Cracow with an optimistic attitude can certainly succeed, but the journey may prove more difficult than in other more attractive destinations.