An Expat to Cracow often falls in love with both the place and its residents, there is certainly a stable stream of foreign people taking the plunge and moving to the city. Instantly on the heels of this decision, comes the sudden realization that it is time to sort out the new digs, a new language, and, most importantly – a Job.

Cracow is known for the excellent leading centers of Polish academic, cultural and artistic existence as well as most economic center of internal trades.

Cracow city is considered as the biggest market for the information technology. Several biggest IT companies of the world including Google, Hitachi, IBM, General Electric, Philip Morris, Capgemini, Motorola and Sabre Holdings are operating in the area and contribute to the stabilization of the its economy. There is a very low unemployment ratio in Cracow because of the numerous job opportunities available according to the profile of the candidate.

Educated individuals in Cracow enjoy reasonable salary structure and fringe benefits in different jobs i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and administrative science. Managerial positions are offered to the master degree holders after a detailed interview and certain assessment aptitude tests.

Work Permits

The requirements regarding work permits for Poland vary based upon on an Expat’s nationality. European Union (EU) citizens do NOT need a work permit to be legally employed in Poland, while non-EU citizens do need a work permit.

One large restriction that many Expats are unaware of is the fact that work permits for Poland are job and employer-specific. Thus, if during the course of your time in Poland you wish to change jobs, it’s necessary to reapply for a permit.

Take several part-time jobs

Balancing the budget at first may be difficult. Do not hold out for the perfect job, but take what you can. Perhaps some translation work will do, teaching English, even working online from home. One thing will lead to another, and the job you really want and deserve will eventually show up.

Be realistic about salary

Do your research about salary ranges before applying. That 50K pound job in marketing you are leaving behind – well let’s just say you are not going to walk into a 20,000 zloty per month equivalent. Typical local salaries can range from 2000 PLN per month to around 5000 PLN per month. Expect to be offered something in the same range for non-specialist work.

Learn the language

It is hard, and you will almost certainly never be fluent, but at least make a real effort, even before you get to Cracow. A simple greeting, thank you and so forth to go a long way. It’s because you will be working with Polish co-workers.

Hang out with locals

As best you can, get involved with the locals. Cracow has plenty of interest groups, from web start-up communities to sports associations. Join as many as you can and to the network, you may be surprised how often jobs come via word of mouth.