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Cracow is a beautiful city and its heartbeat is the Main Market Square or Rynek Glowny, and every visit to Cracow will include a walk through the square, perhaps a drink at one of the many of places that line the largest medieval town square in Europe. Therefore, there are so many things you will do when you are in Cracow.

Market Square

At the center of any travel experience in Cracow is the main square of Old Town. The main marketplace is a perfect place to start any sightseeing in Cracow. Restaurants, shops, cafés and bars and pretty much anything a tourist could want are here in abundance and a great place to sit and watch the local atmosphere. Make sure to set aside a plenty of time to linger in the square.

St Mary’s Church

It is probably the most popular of Poland’s churches. This is the main church in Cracow and has an elaborately decorated interior. It’s right off the main market square and easy to find. If you are there on the hour, you will certainly hear the trumpeters playing from the tower.

Salt Mines

One of the most unique and exciting days out of your list to do is a visit to one of the immense salt mines found just outside the city. Tourists can explore through miles of tunnels and caverns adorned with colorful murals and artwork or to underground lakes and medieval chapels. It is a true day out with a difference that will provide a memorable experience for all.


Cracow has a vibrant night scene and has become one of the main draws for people visiting the city. One of the advantages is proximity. The loads of bars and night clubs are clustered near each other in the Old Town and Kazimierz districts, making the popular bar get a rite of passage for many tourists.


Cracow’s shops, markets, department stores and boutiques basically team with attractive souvenirs. Most of the shopping revolves around the Old Town, and it’s focused in the center in Rynek Glowny. Next on the list of places to shop is the neighborhood of Kazimierz. If you are among those tourists who enjoy malls, there are lots of shopping malls around Cracow.

Eating Out

Cracow is one of the best places in Poland to enjoy both great food on a budget and something a little more up market. Whether its local delicacies that tourist are after. Cracow is certainly the gourmet capital with new eateries popping up every week. And as for the food, you will find everything from traditional Polish cuisine to a pizza with the lot.